Racecars, zip lines and the great outdoors. Head to Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture and you can get all three.

Twin Ring Motegi is best-known for its racing. It is, after all, where you go to see world-class competitions such as MotoGP. But when the track is empty, there is just as much for kids to do.

Surrounded by forest, Twin Ring Motegi uses the great outdoors as a unifying concept for family-friendly fun. Take, for example, the two multistory Dokidoki and Itadaki outdoor attractions, which can be found in its Mobi Park. Itadaki is a wooden labyrinth course and stamp rally where families learn about the region's ecosystem. Kids collect 14 stamps featuring bees, bats, snakes and other animals along the course, which takes around 30 minutes to complete, but of course it varies by child. You're welcome to join the kids, too. Just keep in mind that there are some low entrances where you'll need to duck or possibly crawl to keep up.