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Ginza Cozy Corner's Jumbo Shu Cream: A cream puff made bigger and better

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Bigger isn’t always better, but it often does the trick. Sweets maker Ginza Cozy Corner’s latest offering — the Jumbo Shu Cream cream puff — takes one of its most recognizable items and blows it up bigly.

The regular-sized cream puff is plenty tasty on its own, so simply giving customers more is a wise move — it’s basic economics, really. But the jumbo puff isn’t just a large-sized version of its signature snack. Each one (¥162 after tax) contains a well-devised union of the classic whipped cream filling with a special salty chocolate filling.

The salty chocolate initially seems like a wild card addition, but the flavor of the chocolate (only slightly salty, for the record) melds nicely with the cream. It doesn’t scrimp on the fillings either — there’s plenty to be enjoyed about this plus-sized combination.

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