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Words and phrases

山梨県 (やまなしけん) Yamanashi Prefecture

住む (すむ) to live

高校3年 (こうこうさんねん) third year of high school

赤池肇 (あかいけはじめ) Hajime Akaike

親(おや)に付(つ)けられる named by one’s parents

名前 (なまえ) name

王子様 (おうじさま) Prince

改名 (かいめい) changing one’s name

申(もう)し立(た)てる to file for

今月 (こんげつ) this month

甲府家裁 (こうふかさい) Kofu Family Court

変更 (へんこう) change

許可する (きょかする) to approve

分かる (わかる) to be revealed

極めて (きわめて) extremely

個性的な (こせいてきな) unique

キラキラネーム a kira kira (glittery) name

~と呼ばれる (~とよばれる) to be known as ~

名 (な) name

~について regarding ~

本人 (ほんにん) the person themselves

嫌なら (いやなら) if you dislike it

行動できる (こうどうできる) possible to act

話す (はなす) to say

これから from now on

~になる to become ~

人々 (ひとびと) people

よく考(かんが)えて think hard

訴える (うったえる) to urge

元 (もと) original

唯一無二 (ゆいいつむに) one and only

~のような like~

存在 (そんざい) existence

母 (はは) mother

思い (おもい) belief

~が由来 (~がゆらい) to come from ~

子どもの頃 (こどものころ) during childhood

かわいい cute

~かもしれない probably ~

80歳 (はちじゅっさい) 80 years old

~とはいかない not fitting ~

疑問 (ぎもん) questionable

~を意識し始める (~をいしきしはじめる) to become aware of ~, to begin to think about ~

中学3年 (ちゅうがくさんねん) third year of junior high school (ninth grade)

~以降 (~いこう) after ~, from ~

自己紹介 (じこしょうかい) self-introduction

時 (とき) time, when

女子生徒 (じょしせいと) female students

噴き出すように (ふきだすように) to burst out

笑う (わらう) to laugh

ショック shock

Quick questions

1) 赤池さんはこれから親になる人々に何を促していますか。

2) 彼はなぜ王子様と名付けられたのですか。

3) 彼が改名を意識し始めたのは何がきっかけですか。


A third-year high school student in Yamanashi, Hajime Akaike, 18, who was named “Prince” by his parents, filed for a name change that the Kofu Family Court approved on March 5, it was revealed March 12. In line with a trend among parents to give extremely unique “kira kira” (glittery) names to their children, Akaike said, “If someone dislikes his or her name, it is possible to act (to change it),” and urged prospective parents to think hard when naming their children.

His mother had named him Prince to express her belief that her child was a “one and only, like a prince.” The boy felt that although the name may have sounded cute during childhood, having it when he turns 80-years-old would be questionable.

Akaike began to think about changing his name from his third year in junior high school. He was shocked when he introduced himself and female students burst out laughing.


1) What does Mr. Akaike encourage prospective parents to do?


Think hard before naming your children.

2) Why was he named Prince?


Because his mother thought he was a “one and only, like a prince.”

3) What made him begin to think about changing his name?


He was shocked when he introduced himself and female students burst out laughing.

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