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Temptation from the fried-foods section

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

We’re almost seven weeks into the new year — how are those resolutions going? Still going strong? Good for you! Now get out of here and let the rest of us bask in our failures. To anyone who has given up on eating healthy, walk with me into the fried-food section of your local convenience store.

A surefire way to score a tasty hit is to team up with a professional. Family Mart has done that by partnering with karaage (fried chicken) specialist Kichigo for a limited-run offering: A pack of karaage that features a light soy sauce flavor for a total of ¥240 after tax. Overall, it offers a much-improved take on the standard convenience-store version of the snack.

Familiy Mart chose to go in a new direction. However, it’s good to simply update the classics. Lawson’s Kara-age Kun line of fried chicken has satisfied late-night snackers for more than 30 years, and its new Hokkaido Butter flavor (¥216 after tax) keeps up the quality. The new version has a nice, rich butter taste that doesn’t overpower the fried chicken.

If you’ve stuck to your resolution, you deserve a reward — one won’t hurt.

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