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A convenience store Christmas: Individual treats for everyone on the nice list

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

A convenience store Christmas usually involves packs of fried chicken and family-sized cakes rather than individual treats themed after the holiday, but this year the big players in the country are rolling out some tasty options for those looking to snack on their own.

Actually, leave FamilyMart out of this discussion. While there are several Christmas cakes available for pre-order — including one with a blob of pudding dropped on top — FamilyMart currently lacks any stand-alone Christmas-themed items. Bah humbug, you blockheads!

Seven-Eleven Japan’s focus also lies on bigger baked goods, but it has rolled out a pair of dango dumplings shaped like a snowman and Santa. The set (¥199 after tax) tastes like any other traditional Japanese wagashi sweet from the store, but they sure look cute.

Lawson tops the “nice” list with a handful of Christmas goods. The winter-themed macarons look great, and each set (¥720 after tax) boasts a mix of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry-flavored pieces. Even better are the pair of mini-cakes on sale (each ¥360 after tax). The “X’mas Rouge” matches berry mousse with pistachio ganache, while the “X’mas Blanc” opts for a slightly more traditional pairing of white chocolate with caramel. Both taste great, and are the stars of the December arrivals.

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