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Carbo-load: Convenience store breads pile on the sweetness

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Dieters shunning carbs, look away. This week, we are checking in on some bread highlights from the big three convenience stores.

Let’s start with the most caloric offering. Lawson’s maple cream pancake (¥270 after tax; pictured) packs in over 500 calories, thanks to the liberal glop of frosting placed on top of the three cakes. Of everything featured this week, this is far and away the sweetest. The maple flavor comes through, but is joined by a strong cream taste. The best thing about it is the little strawberry topping on top, which cuts the sugar rush with some tartness.

FamilyMart offers something less sugary but still providing that strawberry taste with its ichigo cream korone (coronet; ¥145 after tax), which features a nice glaze on the outside and a mix of cream and jelly on the inside. Here, the sweetness strikes a better balance with the fruit flavor, making for a solid after-dinner dessert choice.

Seven-Eleven Japan, meanwhile, adds another winner to one of its most consistent product lines. The tiramisu cream puff (¥140 after tax) does a fantastic job of capturing the taste of the titular dessert. Critically, it nails the subtle coffee taste that comes through in a really good tiramisu, present but not overwhelming the other tastes. It’s good enough to be worth taking a cheat day for.