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Kabaya Foods' sweet potato candy: Intriguing in both looks and flavor

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

It feels like convenience stores have lacked a bit in recent months for the kind of offbeat items that excite customers and get Western media buzzing. There was a pretty good run earlier in the year, but lately pickings haven’t been as rich. Coffee-flavored Coca-Cola lacks the fizz of Coca-Cola Clear, you know?

Luckily, fall has brought with it a nice under-the-radar treat. Snack-maker Kabaya Foods Corporation put out a sweet potato gummy that aims to capture the nostalgic taste of said root veggie, fried up. Each pack (¥116 after tax) boasts a handful of chewy treats vaguely resembling the titular food, complete with a purplish outside and yellow inside.

The taste is… interesting? The sugar sprinkled on the outside adds a slight sweetness that counters the earthier potato taste within. This helps the gummies avoid tasting strange, but also results in any authentic flavors being obscured. Still, it hits the spot, and will definitely wow friends at first brush.

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