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Cafe Morozoff ushers in the season with a chestnut-focused menu

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

The arrival of September means it’s time for chestnuts to have their time in the spotlight. Every new dessert for the next two months will probably find a way to incorporate the flavor into its mix. It’s a fall tradition like no other.

Cafe Morozoff wasted no time in adjusting its dessert menu to match the season. Since Sept. 1 it has offered a new set of items heavy on the chestnut. Available until the end of Nov., this is a good spot to indulge in autumn flavors.

Among the dishes is a relatively straightforward Mont Blanc pastry (¥1,250) and a chestnut parfait (¥1,200). These are fine, but sometimes you just need to go all out, and nothing accomplishes this better than the Mont Blanc Cream Dessert Waffle (¥1,200), which combines a miniature Mont Blanc with a pair of waffles and a handful of berries on the side. Chestnut is a delightful ingredient, but this dish helps please the palate with a broader spectrum of flavors.

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