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Sega's logo-shaped taiyaki: Classic flavor with a vanilla twist

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

In an uninspired yet surprisingly tasty twist, video game-maker Sega is offering taiyaki (usually fish-shaped pancakes filled with adzuki bean jam) at a special stand outside its Ikebukuro arcade until Sept. 30.

Considering the roster of the company’s characters (Sonic the Hedgehog chief amongst them), the actual appearance of this limited-edition taiyaki (¥300) isn’t particularly thrilling for anyone besides the folks who have stockpiled copies of “Shenmue” in their apartment. It’s just a fried-batter version of the company’s recognizable, but plain, logo. But I guess there’s a market for it somewhere out there, as they seem to be selling OK.

To be fair, the taste is surprisingly solid. Don’t expect major deviations from your usual fish-shaped sweet, but the highlight here comes from the use of vanilla bean, making the filling inside all the sweeter and memorable. It’s a goofy exterior, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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