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Meet summer head on with Coco's limited-edition Pop Blue Soda kakigōri shaved ice

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Kakigōri (shaved ice) has long been a summer favorite, but in recent years has risen up the ranks into the world of the vaguely hip. Lines for kakigōri spots around Tokyo stretch out during the middle of the season, and prices have gone up accordingly. Recently though, a happy medium is emerging — you can find the cool treat served at family restaurants.

Coco’s has grabbed the most attention so far in 2018 with their kakigōri offerings, which went on sale nationwide on June 7 and can be sampled until late August. The chain offers nine varieties (along with four “mini” offerings), with flavors ranging from colorful strawberry (¥490 before tax) to a photo-friendly Snow Choco Banana (¥690 before tax).

The standout is called Pop Blue Soda. This shaved ice creation (¥590 before tax, add ¥80 if you want a scoop of vanilla ice cream with that) mixes a Blue Hawaii flavor with lemon. But the hook — dare say, novelty — of this comes from the popping candies added on top. They don’t add much flavor wise, but they do provide a cracking crackling effect while you eat. Necessary addition? Probably not. Fun while you eat? Definitely.