When Ryo Yamazaki picked up a chunk of one of his cat's shed fur and fashioned it on top of his Scottish fold's head in a Trump-esque quiff, he did it for a laugh.

Little did he know that the photo he took and posted online would became part of an online trend and inspire him and his wife, Hiromi, to make a series of caps for all three of the couple's Scottish Folds. Two years later, and the Yamazakis have since produced more than 100 hats out of their cats' own fur.

"It all started when Donald Trump was running for office as U.S. president and the hashtag 'TrumpYourCat' was trending in the U.S.," Ryo says, referring to the viral craze of posting photos of cats sporting hairstyles mimicking Trump's distinctive quiff. "I thought I might as well give it a go."