Craft Beer Market Osaka: Cheap pints of tasty craft

by J.J. O'Donoghue

Contributing Writer

The craft beer explosion in Japan has been a boon for drinkers, but the one bitter note in this success story is price. Generally speaking, there’s little wiggle room from the ¥1,000 a pint mark — a hefty price to pay for a beer you might never go near again. This makes Craft Beer Market a worthy stopping point, as all of their draughts are priced at ¥780 for a pint and ¥480 for a half.

Craft Beer Market has a dozen outlets in Tokyo, but the pub in the basement of Osaka Station, opened at the end of 2017, is their first foray into the Kansai region.

In Osaka, the lineup runs to 30 beers, and is usually, but not exclusively, drawn from domestic brewers. While the brewers change, you’ll find a range of staples that includes ales, IPAs, stouts and pilsners. On a recent visit, a smooth pilsner from Daisen G Beer in Tottori Prefecture stood out from the pack, while the Preston Brown Ale was as flat as the Netherlands, though this was probably more to do with how it was pumped than the beer itself.

The extensive beer lineup is complemented by a generous food menu that includes Craft Beer Market’s signature hamburger and curry dishes alongside pizzas and tapas. The grilled pork is a worthy dish that should enable you to make your way through the extensive beer menu and last you well into what could be a long night.

English menu; some English spoken