Fine dining overlooking Namiki-dori

The flamboyant restaurant and bar NAMIKI667 that opened in January in the new Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo, offers guests a unique space to unwind with family and friends.

The Ginza location marks Hyatt Centric’s initial foray into Asia. The brand’s first hotel opened in North America in 2015, specializing as a hub for active travelers.

A colossal oven sits in the center of the open kitchen of NAMIKI667, wafting the tantalizing aroma of the restaurant’s signature cocotte recipes and other baked specialties.

Under the direction of head chef Shingo Hayasaka whose previous experience includes working as the head chef of Towers at the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, the restaurant uses locally produced ingredients such as fresh seafood from Tsukiji Market, locally grown vegetables and Akikawa wagyu, black beef produced in the countryside just outside of Tokyo.

NAMIKI667’s terrace seating overlooks Ginza’s Namiki-dori — the lane from which the restaurant takes its name. The view can be also enjoyed from the bar counter that offers six kinds of cocktails using Japanese craft gin Roku, created from a concoction of six Japanese botanicals, as well as an abundant selection of other liquors.

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo is three minutes from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station. For more information, access or call 03-6837-1234.

Password campaign reveals delicious rewards

The restaurants of the Tokyo Station Hotel will hold a promotional event titled Secret of Marunouchi through the end of February.

A secret password is published on the hotel’s website that participants will need to unlock tasty treats.

At Restaurant Blanc Rouge, mentioning the password upon making a reservation for the lunch course priced at ¥7,200 or the dinner courses at ¥12,800 and ¥15,800 will reward each guest with an additional dish (dessert for lunch and puffer fish meuniere, where the fish is dredged in flour before cooking, for dinner).

The restaurant Cantonese “en” Ken Takase will offer a complimentary yuzu citrus and Champagne cocktail, and Bar & Cafe Camellia has prepared a special set of five dishes for ¥5,000 per person. Reservation is required. Prices include tax and a 10 percent service charge will be added.

The Lobby Lounge and Bar Oak will offer secret dishes and drinks that can be ordered without a reservation.

Those working in the Marunouchi area can receive an additional gift from Blanc Rouge, Camellia, The Lobby Lounge and Bar Oak. Show your commuter pass either at Tokyo, Ōtemachi or Nijūbashimae Station, and you will receive a 10 percent discount coupon that can be used during your next visit.

The Tokyo Station Hotel is directly connected to Tokyo Station. For more information and reservations, access or call 03-5220-1111.

Accommodation package promises tasty treats

Through Feb. 28, The Hotel Century Southern Tower is offering Winter Warmth, a seasonal accommodation plan accompanied by hotel-exclusive gifts. The package is designed for all occasions, but may especially interest students planning on staying in the Shinjuku area during school entrance exam season.

The plan’s complimentary gifts include the fourth reinvention of the hotel’s original financier in either rich vanilla or heady chocolate with a touch of brandy, as well as a drink ticket for free take-away coffee or tea from the Lounge South Court (located on the 20th floor) that guests can bring back to their rooms.

By adding an extra ¥700 to the complimentary drink ticket, guests can select a drink from the Lounge South Court. The drink options are beer, a vibrant strawberry cocktail and a non-alcoholic fruity cocktail.

The plan is priced from ¥17,540 for a single room per person, from ¥22,460 for a king double room for two and from ¥33,096 for a scenic twin room (plus an extra bed) for three people. Prices change according to room type and which day of the week guests choose to stay. Day and night views are especially gorgeous from the rooms on the hotel’s upper floors.

The Hotel Century Southern Tower is three minutes from Shinjuku Station South Exit. For more information or reservations, visit or call 03-5354-0111.