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Cozy Corner's Rich Cheese Fondue isn't quite what you'd expect

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

A good way to keep warm during the winter is by enjoying a nice fondue. The combination of bubbly melted cheese and bread can raise the spirits — and warm the stomachs — of anyone in the depths of the coldest season.

Sweets chain Cozy Corner’s new Rich Cheese Fondue isn’t quite what you would expect. The chain’s newest dessert (¥540) doesn’t come out of the oven hot, but instead features pieces of shortbread cake swimming in a cheese sauce mixture. This treat even comes in a little red pot, meant as a reference to what you usually eat cheese fondue out of.

But abandon any expectations of this replicating the warm version. Cozy Corner’s creation leans toward the sweet side, primarily thanks to the shortbread pieces dunked in the mixture. They go well with the cheese, though, and their slight sugary taste works well with the richer flavor. This fondue dessert is more noteworthy for its novel concept than its taste, but it’s good enough to try once.

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