7-Eleven Japan's cream puff is the ideal convenience store dessert. It's basic but satisfying, offering just the right amount of sweetness. Maybe most importantly, it's also affordable. Few treats balance simplicity and tastiness quite like it, and the konbini chain has wisely experimented with the filling inside over the years.

The latest variety is a cookies and cream puff. It's tied to Halloween, though nothing about it specifically screams out "spooky holiday." The regular cream puff pasty gets coated in a crispy layer of chocolate, while the inside houses a cookies and cream ... cream. This dessert (¥150 after tax) is available until the end of the month.

Thankfully, the key to what makes the regular 7-Eleven cream puff a winner remains intact. The biggest change comes from that outer shell of chocolate, but it doesn't throw off the taste, but rather adds a pleasant crunch to the experience. The filling, meanwhile, delivers on the title without going overboard on a sugary taste. This limited-edition sweet continues to prove how efficient the simple cream puff can be.