Sample newspaper article



Words and phrases

陸上男子 (りくじょうだんし) a male track-and-field athlete

桐生祥秀 (きりゅうよしひで) Yoshihide Kiryu

東洋大 (とうようだい) Toyo University

福井市 (ふくいし) Fukui city

県営陸上競技場 (けんえいりくじょうきょうぎじょう) prefectural track-and-field stadium

行われた (おこなわれた) held

日本学生対校選手権 (にほんがくせいたいこうせんしゅけん) Japan Intercollegiate Championship

決勝 (けっしょう) final

9秒98 (きゅうびょうきゅうはち) 9.98 seconds

日本新記録 (にほんしんきろく) new Japan record

樹立 (じゅりつ) set up

初めて (はじめて) first time

壁 (かべ) wall

破った (やぶった) broke

序盤 (じょばん) early stage

許した (ゆるした) allowed

追い風 (おいかぜ) tail wind

好条件下 (こうじょうけんか) under favorable conditions

得意 (とくい) forte

中盤 (ちゅうばん) middle stage

加速 (かそく) accelerate

逆転 (ぎゃくてん) reverse

五輪 (ごりん) Olympics

花形種目 (はながたしゅもく) popular games

日本勢 (にほんぜい) Japanese athletes

長年の夢 (ながねんのゆめ) long-time dream

領域 (りょういき) area

足を踏み入れ (あしをふみいれ) step foot

弾み (はずみ) boost

表示 (ひょうじ) show

現行 (げんこう) existing

電気計時 (でんきけいじ) electric timekeeper

走り (はしり) ran

切った (きった) cut

遅れ (おくれ) delay

悲願 (ひがん) long-cherished

9秒台 (きゅうびょうだい) 9-second-mark

突入 (とつにゅう) enter

Quick questions

1) 記録樹立時、どんな好条件がありましたか。

2) 世界で初めて10秒を切ったのは誰ですか。

3) 世界初の9秒台が出てから日本人の9秒台が出るまで何年かかりましたか。


Sprinter Yoshihide Kiryu, 21, of Toyo University, became the first Japanese to break the 10-second barrier in the 100 meters with a time of 9.98 seconds at the finals of an intercollegiate meet held at Fukui Prefectural Athletic Park in Fukui on Sept. 9.

He was trailing behind at the beginning of the race, but with a tail wind of 1.8 meters to his advantage, he picked up speed in the middle, his forte, and came from behind to win. Kiryu finally realized a long-held Japanese athletics dream for one of the most popular sports of the Olympic Games, giving a boost to the Tokyo Olympics to be held in three years.

With the existing electric timekeeper, which measures up to a 100th of a second, Jim Hines of the U.S. marked 9.95 seconds in 1968, becoming the first man in the world to break the 10-second barrier. A Japanese broke the same barrier 49 years later, something that had been long-cherished.


1) What was the favorable condition when the record was made?


There was a tail wind of 1.8 meters.

2) Who first broke the 10-second barrier?


Jim Hines.

3) How many years did it take for a Japanese to break the 10-second barrier since it was first broken in the world?


Forty nine years.