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Sesame seed-flavored soft cream: Designed with Instagram in mind

by Patrick St. Michel

Special To The Japan Times

Harajuku has gone gaga over food designed for Instagram. Walk down Takeshita Street and you’ll probably see people snapping shots of giant, rainbow-colored cotton candy and the like.

The latest entrant into this realm is Coisof, an ice cream store located on a side street off Takeshita. This new spot sells sesame-seed-flavored soft cream, available in either white, black or mixed sesame varieties. Although available just as soft-serve in a cone or a cup (¥500), Coisof’s chief appeal lies in the little colorful mochi rice balls that adorn it. A cone or cup topped with these dots (¥600) is designed for photos — the interior of the store even features a photo corner for maximum cuteness.

Do these pastel-colored balls add anything to the taste? Not really — rather, they add a pleasant crunch to the soft cream, but they don’t pack much additional flavor. But the sesame ice cream on its own tastes pleasant enough. The sesame mix delivers the best of both worlds (though it’s tough telling the difference between “white” and “black”), and goes down easy. Unless you really need some likes on your next post, no need to pay extra for the dots, as the soft serve alone delivers.

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