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Black Seafood Cup Noodle: A cosmetic change at best

by Patrick St. Michel

Special To The Japan Times

Japanese netizens have noticed something strange about Nissin’s latest special edition of it’s venerable Cup Noodle brand.

The new Black Seafood variety features a white squid on the packaging — reflecting the use of said sea critter’s ink in this item — surrounded by splotches of bright colors. Many have pointed out the resemblance to the artwork associated with “Splatoon 2,” Nintendo’s video game about squid-like kids shooting paint at one another.

Coincidence, or an instant noodle maker walking the tightrope of copyright infringement? You decide.

Available in convenience stores nationwide, this is essentially Nissin’s usual seafood-flavored Cup Noodle product, but with a pouch full of coloring that turns the instant meal black. This item (¥205) tastes exactly like the regular seafood variety of Cup Noodle. This is purely a cosmetic makeover, and it doesn’t even look attractive.

Still, it doesn’t taste bad, but rather serviceable. If you want a little novelty in your usual instant ramen lunch, give this a whirl, but with low expectations.