The internet is a repository for the best and worst that humanity has to offer, and Japan is no exception. The website Yahoo! 知恵袋 (Chiebukuro, literally "bag of knowledge") is a great resource for language learners and for anyone interested in observing Japanese interact online, but you have to be careful to weed out the interesting material from the nonsense and the 荒らし (arashi, trolls).

Yahoo! Chiebukuro is the Japanese equivalent to Yahoo Answers. Users leave questions and others provide answers ... in some fashion or the other. The user who asked the question can then select a response as the ベストアンサー (besuto ansā, best answer).

Before digging too deep, readers should know how one goes about asking for help in Japanese. The simplest is 教えてください (Oshiete kudasai, "Please tell me").