Although Juliett has an Australian flag displayed in the window, it doesn't initially seem to have much to do with the land down south. Instead, it has an extensive menu similar to many other modern fusion restaurants in Japan: pizzas, pastas, omelet rice and desserts. The connection with Australia becomes a little clearer when you reach the meat section of the menu; like Australia, Juliett loves steak.

There is a range of cuts to choose from, including rump (¥1,000), sirloin (¥1,300) and Australian wagyu (¥1,500). If you want rice with your meat, you'll need to order a set meal for an extra ¥300, otherwise the only thing that will come with your steak is a smile from the wait staff. You can select how you would like your meat cooked, but it will always be served precut into tasty bite-size slices — don't expect a big chunk of steak.

Juliett's wagyu is reasonable, exceptionally soft and juicy — to the point where the sirloin and rump seem chewy and dry in comparison. Although delicious, it is not in the same league as Japanese brand beef such as Kobe or Hida, which have fat evenly marbled throughout. Juliett's Australian wagyu, though significantly cheaper and less marbled with fat than a Japanese steak, still tastes amazing.