Mina Perhonen’s new Call store is a one-stop shop in Omotesando for anyone who loves Nordic-inspired fashion and interiors. Filled with simple, soft-hued ceramics, rolls of irregular geometrically patterned textiles, racks of floaty cotton garments and displays of elegant hand-crafted goods, Call takes its name from “Creation All,” which Mina Perhonen designer Akira Minagawa explains is derived from the concept of being “all-inclusive.”

It’s the result, he says, of gathering together the thoughts and personal recommendations of the brand’s friends and collaborators, which include glass artist Kazumi Tsuji and designer Morison Kobayashi.

This is also the first time that Mina Perhonen — best known for its union of Finnish minimalist sensibility with Japanese textiles and fashion — has opened a boutique that includes a cafe and grocery shop.