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Spa offers gem-based treatment

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Westin Tokyo has the charm and atmosphere of a posh European chateau.

Located on the fourth floor of this elegant urban hideout is Le Spa Parisien, a spa where the “First Diamond Facial” treatment is being offered for a limited time.

Introduced in Tokyo for the first time at the continental spa, the unique facial treatment from France utilizes “Gemology,” unique high-end cosmetic products made with 20 different kinds of precious stones.

Through June 30, guests visiting Westin’s spa can enjoy the latest anti-aging Gemology facial treatment, produced from genuine diamond powder and precious minerals extracted from fine gems.

Gemology is the world’s first gem-based skin care spa brand, produced by a French cosmetics maker. Completely free of paraben, propylene glycol, butylene glycol and ethanol, the trace elements contained in Gemology products rejuvenate the skin.

In the treatment, dry dead skin is first removed from the face. The skin is then activated through the groundbreaking stone therapy of Gemology, followed by a careful massaging process to revitalize facial skin.

Lastly, the treatment is finished with a diamond cream mask. The result is skin that is supple and radiates like a precious gem. Rich in diamond, the king of jewels, Gemology restores youthful, firm skin through its revolutionary concept.

Furthermore, it is a perfect treatment for those over the age of 30 that are starting to feel their skin sagging from age, as Gemology takes an unconventional approach to provide a healing, esthetic effect.

The “First Diamond Facial” is available for ¥15,000 for 45 minutes, ¥24,500 for 60 minutes, and ¥35,000 for 90 minutes (all prices exclude tax).

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