Misuzu Corp., a trading company that deals mainly in watches, has recently starting selling six new brands — Union Horlogere, Jaermann & Stubi, Catorex, Rochas, Dici and Candy Time — in Japan, the company and watchmakers announced on June 10.

Misuzu, which also operates cram schools Misuzu Gakuen, has become the exclusive distributor of the six international brands in the country.

At a launch party at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo, Misuzu CEO Haruhisa Handa said, “Now that we are an exclusive distributor in Japan, we’d like to introduce styles of watches that have never existed in Japan.”

The press event also featured speeches by Union Horlogere CEO Paul Murner; Jaermann & Stubi CEO Daniel Wechsler; Catorex CEO Guy Cattin; Time Management Services Ltd. Managing Director Marco Sieber; and Managing Director of Madison New York Martin Lieberz.

Models wearing the elegant timepieces included three former Miss Universe representatives — Miyako Miyazaki, Mariya Kamiyama, Ayako Hara and 2016 representative Sari Nakazawa.