Nagoya has a long list of establishments that pride themselves on their egg-based masterpieces. One such spot is Cheval Cafe in Shirakabe, a pancake restaurant that happens to serve one of the best eggs Benedict you're likely to find in the city.

Though the cafe is spacious it's still intimate and welcoming, especially for families — they provide children's seats and a small library of kid's books to keep your tykes entertained. There are also magazines and books for the adults, as well as a window running the full length of the back wall, which looks out into a garage filled with classic cars.

There are dozens of pancakes available, the cream of the crop being the souffle-style Strawberry Benedict Pancake (¥1,300), which is so delicate it melts in your mouth and so moreish you'll be missing the dish before you've even finished it. It is a little more expensive than the other pancakes on the menu and takes a little time to prepare, but it is a treat that is well worth it. Besides fruit and cream toppings, there are also pancakes topped with more savory items, such as cheese, crispy chicken or a BLT variety.