Halloween is fast becoming a fixture on the Nagoya calendar — it's a great excuse to put on a costume and dance the night away. But though every bar in town will be themed for the night, there are some establishments that are in character all year round.

You may not think that a mock prison is the most appetizing of dining locations, and you'd be right. However, people don't go to Kangoku in Shoku for the food — what it offers is far from fine cuisine. Patrons come for the atmosphere, which more than makes up for what the food lacks. After reading (or willfully ignoring) an ominous warning on the front door, you venture down a dank corridor, where you are greeted by severed hands and tortured faces. You will then be led to your "cell," which is big enough for a large group but still manages to feel claustrophobic.

There are several courses to choose from that range from ¥2,000 to ¥3,500 per person. If you order one of these set meals you can also indulge in the all-you-can-drink deal (¥1,000 for the basic plan and ¥1,500 if you want a larger selection). Instead, it's worth ordering individual items off of the menu. The pace of drinks in the all-you-can-drink might also disappoint some: I went with a group of thirsty gentlemen and there were more than a few complaints that beers were a little slow coming.