Thick, rich, creamy white soup, delicate noodles, elegant toppings of chicken breast and seasonal vegetables — Kagari serves some of the finest, most seductive ramen in the city. There's only one downside: the wait in line can sometimes take up to an hour.

No time for that? No problem. Kagari has opened a branch just five minutes away. It's in Ginza Station, just outside the Marunouchi Line wicket (a long walk from the Ginza Line). And right now — until the word gets out — there's barely any wait at all.

But this new branch is not a direct clone. It's not quite as cramped as the main branch, although they still manage to sandwich eight people in, elbow to elbow, at the counter. There are a few key differences on the menu, too. But the basic choice is the same: hot chicken-broth ramen (Kagari calls it tori-paitan soba) or the heartier chilled noodles with dipping sauce (tori-paitan tsuke-soba).

The selection of toppings is less extensive — don't expect any roast beef here — and fans of Kagari's delectable yaki-gohan (grilled rice ball) will be disappointed too. But that is a small price to pay for not having to wait in line, especially in the rainy season or in the heat of mid-summer.