With International Women’s Day right around the corner, YouTube launched its #DearMe campaign, encouraging women to reflect on their past and post video messages with advice to their younger selves. The project became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter within an hour after its launch.

YouTube recruited a range of women from a variety of countries, backgrounds and professions, including blogger Grace Helbig, actress Felicia Day and the band Pentatonix. The selection also included many women living in Japan. Here are a few of the #DearMe videos highlighted by YouTube.

Bilingirl — YouTuber

Subscribers:  383,324

“As I lived each day of my life, trying new things and gaining new experiences, I discovered that there was more to me than just small eyes and a flat face. I learned that confidence comes from my accomplishments and not my appearances.”

“The best make-up is a girl’s smile, so don’t forget to smile!”

Rin Rin Doll — model, blogger, TV personality

Subscribers: 5,570

“Your achievements aren’t defined by other people. Wear what you want to wear. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of obstacles coming your way — you’re going to be OK. You’re strong, and I believe in you.”

Junko Suzuki — model

Subscribers: 34

“If you love yourself and be yourself, you will make friends whom you will truly love.”

Chie Hidaka — makeup artist

Subscribers: 533

“To the person who had no self-confidence, who got too caught up in the little things and couldn’t move. To the person who cried everyday because of the acne on her skin. To the person who didn’t laugh because she didn’t know how to. To the person who felt inferior for not having a mother. Thank you. I am here now because you took the time to face your struggles. Thank you so much. Dear me, thank you.”

Caroline Kennedy — U.S. Ambassador to Japan

Subscribers (To the U.S. Embassy channel): 1,562

“I wish someone had told me not to be afraid to make a mistake. I think we spend a lot of time trying to be perfect. But it’s really your mistakes that make you who you are, that lead to future success.”

Miki — video journalist, blogger

Subscribers: 2,171

“Failures, failures, failures, failures, failures and more failures has helped me get to where I am now, so keep making mistakes.”

Sayulee — singer/songwriter

Subscribers: 22,302

“There’s only one you, and you are much cooler than you think you are.”

Saori Arai — TV announcer

Subscribers: 1,114

“You are feeling insecure because of your voice. Some people think you are trying to be cute or be a goody-goody because of how you sound. But one day, somebody will tell you that you have a beautiful voice. You may not believe that person right away, but try. Try to love your voice. Right now, I’m a television announcer, using this very voice. I know now what I felt insecure about in the past is actually my strength, my charm.”

Jun Nakayama — performer, model

Subscribers: 73

“Who directs the movie of your life? Yes, you do. It’s your life. Listen to your heart and soul.”

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