Here’s a glass that’s perfect for teasing someone who’s prone to having one too many.

The Kanna Glass by Hiroshi Yamazaki (of Yamasaki Design Works) is a beautifully designed piece of glassware, with an unusually irregular bottom. The uneven surface means that it will never rest flat — the glass will always be tipped at a slight angle. It also makes it inviting to roll the whole thing around the table top, just for fun.

The Kanna Glass is priced ¥2,700 and can be ordered online via Kimura Glass’ Zizi webstore.

Yamasaki Design Works: www.ymsk-design.com
Kimura Glass: www.kimuraglass.co.jp/zizi/products/9029

Chocolate comforts

Chocotowel by Ottaipnu is actually more of a handkerchief and, as the name suggests, it’s presented in the form of a chocolate bar. With its chocolate-wrapper packaging, you might think that Chocotowel is nothing more than a novelty item, but this hankie has been designed for function.

Those rectangular chocolate-piece elevations on the toweling make it easier to grip and it’s made from a rigid cotton fabric that feels and stays warm.

But, yes, there’s also nothing wrong with novelty — a handkerchief that looks like a chocolate bar also makes a sweet gift for any cocoa fan.

The Chocotowel comes in five chocolate-themed hues (milk brown, bitter dark brown, white, strawberry pink, and matcha green) and is priced at ¥540 at the Koncent online store.

Ottaipnu: ottaipnu.com
Koncent: www.koncent.jp/?pid=10190754

Hooked on design

This month, a couple of new kinds of hook have come to light. Following the success of Tidy’s Magnet Keyper (a magnetic wooden block that attaches to metal surfaces and holds keys), the brand’s new Magnet Hook is a similar idea — except, of course, it’s a hook. Also wooden, it looks a bit like a door knob on which you can hang pretty much anything, though its size and shape makes it particularly well suited for umbrellas, hats and coats.

The Magnet Hook is available in a dark brown or a natural color, and costs ¥2,484.

If you have a lot of small things that need hanging, Aozora’s Tree Hook is a novel solution. This fun idea consists of an extended piece of cord, which is equipped with three plastic “branches,” each with four hooks on which you can hang your items.

The Tree Hook saves space and its hooks can be adjusted to whatever height suits you best. Ideal for closet storage or hanging off coat racks, it’s available in four colors — blue, orange, yellow and white — each priced at ¥1,620.

Both the Magnet Hook and Tree Hook are available from the Koncent website.

Tidy: www.teramoto.co.jp/pages/tidy/index.html
Magnet Hook: www.koncent.jp/?pid=63597277
Aozora: www.aozorapark.jp/aozora_syouhin_index.html
Tree Hook: www.koncent.jp/?pid=81180673


Going out with a bling!

Get noticed with these statement rings, which literally do make a statement. Designed by RGA Laboratory, these Sound Effect Rings are molded into katakana characters that are often used in Japanese comics for onomatopoeic words.

Recently, RGA Laboratory got a little extra promotion when Damian Kulash, lead singer of U.S. band OK Go, bought and wore the character “go,” and then magic-marked the rest of the band’s name on his fingers for several media interview photos. Since then, RGA Laboratory says that the singer has ordered all the characters needed to spell out the band’s name — a set of six rings that the company also plans to market in the future. Kulash may well be wearing them for the band’s gigs in Tokyo this month.

Meantime, you can buy ready-made letters “go,” “ga,” “do,” small “tsu” and “ha,” for prices that range from ¥10,800-¥23,760 for silver; ¥7,830-¥11,800 for colored brass; and ¥2,592 for plastic. All can be bought directly from RGA Laboratory’s online store. You can also custom order in silver any letter you like for ¥50,000.


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