Chika Yoshida, aka Bilingirl, wears many hats. She teaches English, sings, dances and makes costumes. She could be dressed up as Malificent with horns sticking out of her head, have her face painted white and talk in a squeaky voice like comedian duo Nippon Elekitel Rengo or be singing songs from the animation "Frozen" — all the while teaching English phrases and conversation on YouTube.

Yoshida is a Japanese-English bilingual YouTube celebrity whose videos have been constructed entirely by herself — everything from coming up with content ideas to choosing, sometimes even making, costumes, to editing the videos.

"People think that YouTube is easy money and some may be considering it as a simple side-job. But it isn't that easy," Yoshida tells The Japan Times. "The YouTubers you see today have been doing it almost every day for years — you have to be that dedicated. For many of us, it started out as a hobby, something that was for fun, which then eventually took shape."