Up until recently, whisky was seen as a drink for ojisan (old men), enjoyed on the rocks or mizuwari style (heavily diluted with water). With the opening of the limited-edition Jim Beam Bar in Roppongi Hills, however, alcoholic-beverage giant Suntory Holdings proffers that whisky shouldn't be limited to old men and that it can be consumed in a variety of different ways.

The first thing you notice is a long bar counter in the middle of the store with over 700 sleek bottles of Jim Beam, touted as the world's No. 1 bourbon and acquired by Suntory this year, in perfect, neat rows. According to Atsushi Takeuchi, general manager of the Spirits Division of Suntory's Imported Liquor Marketing Department, the company hopes the cool setup will catch the eye of young revelers on their way to the clubbing district of Roppongi.

"In the past, young people didn't drink whisky, but these days the number of whisky drinkers is increasing," says Takeuchi.