Cute duckie cream puffs hatched at Shiga hotel

Staff report

Cream puffs shaped like spotbill duckling recently went on sale at Café de l’Abbye at the Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture.

The duckling cream puffs, called “karugamo shuu,” have a puff-pastry head and body and a pair of half-cut strawberries for small wings. They went on sale Monday in conjunction with the birth of 13 real ducklings in the hotel pond.  An additional 13 ducklings were born today and a couple of adult spotbills were spotted warming more eggs on the same day, a hotel spokeswoman said.

The restaurant will continue to sell the cream puffs, which are ¥350 per duckling, until June 30, though it may extend the period if they prove popular.