A group of joggers works its way around Hiroshima, but they are not just exercising. As they pass different sites, the members listen to a running commentary describing often overlooked aspects of their surroundings. This social experiment, involving 50 local participants developing a physical and cultural relationship with the city, is part of the latest work of architects Momoyo Kaijima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto.

Together they form Atelier Bow Wow, a shining example within a growing group of socially engaged architects.

Their partnership name, which is based on Kaijima's family dog named Ume and nicknames her father gave the two of them, is suggestive of their work ― playful, open and easy to relate to. And the jogging event is just one of many workshops that exemplifies Atelier Bow Wow's approach to what they term as "micro public spaces."