Thanks to Japan's comprehensive network of bullet trains and regional airports, it's easy for the culinary adventurer to sample local specialties at their point of origin. The rest of us can just head to the following chain restaurants, which bring local flavors to our doorstep.

Tebasaki (Nagoya)

Considering how addictive Nagoya's tebasaki chicken wings are, the folks at Sekai no Yamachan can be seen as providing a much-needed public service. The Aichi Prefecture-based chain, with 75 shops from Kyushu to Hokkaido, serves up a spicy platter of five deep-fried wings for just ¥400. Like Buffalo wings in the U.S., tebasaki are the quintessential party food, and Yamachan's izakaya-inspired menu complements the dish with a boatload of other local specialties: dote-ni miso stew; kishimen udon; and yakitori skewers made from premium Nagoya Cochin chicken.