Lin Qing Xiang, 33, is the social-media manager of the "The Ruby Alan Show" (also known as "The RA Show"), a video blog that explores both Singaporean and Japanese culture. Lin creates travelogues of his journeys around Japan and also films Japanese-culture events in Singapore. A die-hard fan, he loves sharing his knowledge and love of all things Japanese, whether it be cosplay, anime, music or games.

Unless you share most of it, you'll lose it all. I'm sad to see that Japanese stars are losing their fan bases overseas. The artists are great, but their work isn't visible enough on the Internet. This is why the whole world is looking at K-Pop (Korean pop). It's much easier to be a fan of Korean music and anime than of works created by Japanese artists because the Japanese restrict the sharing of images, sounds and all content with outdated copyright laws. It's tragic for Japan — the whole country ends up losing business opportunities.

If you are not in some database, you don't exist. The government knows about you but the world does not. Unless we are online it's as if we have not even been born, or we are like the cavemen were — anonymous.