Out on Amazon today is a very funky book titled "Otacool Worldwide Otaku Rooms." The project, organized by self-confessed otaku Danny Choo is for the moment only published in Japan by Kotobukiya. Otaku around the globe responded to Choo’s call to submit images of themselves posing alongside their precious figurine collections in their homes and the best of these images were put together for the book.

While many were enthusiastic to show off their toy collections, this blogger expressed reservations at getting up in front of the camera. Otaku are generally shy retiring types, after all. Or are they? The book may go some way to busting myths about what defines an otaku. For instance, the foxy 21-year-old  anime fan/cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, who poses in an impressive room replete with an army of plastic playmates obviously counters the stereotypical male computer geek.