Another holiday season is upon us. There is a nip in the air, lights of all colors twinkle throughout neighborhoods and cityscapes across the country, and holiday cheer radiates throughout our schools, workplaces and communities. During this festive time, friends and families often come together in true fellowship over good food and drink, and companionship leisurely forged through years of interaction.

But part of the magic of any holiday season is the purity brought to it by the children among us. As anyone who has raised a child can affirm, the musings of the youthful during this time and over the course of a year can often amount to a treasure trove of warmth, laughter, and insight. And when a multicultural setting is added to the mix, children seem to thrive from the stimuli.

As we enter this holiday season and near the end of another year, allow me to share with you some of the kid-speak over the past decade from three multiracial children raised in Japan.