Shori and Kazumi Tanaka might be the most well-known couple on the nightclub scene in Tokyo's famed Ginza district. Each night for the last 51 years, 73-year-old Shori rushed from club to club to entertain as a bilingual singer while Kazumi, 54, was sitting pretty as one of Ginza's top hostesses. Since their marriage 32 years ago, the two have been moving together as one, day and night, in business and in private, with only sleep parting them. Their small bar, Yuki, opened 5 years ago, is filled with regulars, many of whom have been fans of the couple for decades.

A happy marriage is based on trust and freedom. Kazumi: In this business, going out for dinner with clients is normal. Actually, most of those men are his friends, too, and Shori is never jealous. He has no reason to be: To keep a business and a family together, a woman must keep her legs together, too. Shori: She is free to do whatever she wants, but I think she doesn't like anyone but me. I only love her, for sure. If something happens, though, never tell your spouse — why cause pain by admitting it?

Sex sells but we are not buying into it. Kazumi: Hostesses in other parts of town show lots of skin, but in general, Ginza hostesses have been known for their great style, not their bare shoulders. Of course, with the weaker economy, hostesses can't afford as many kimono anymore. Our girls dress in conservative suits with below-the-knee skirts and long-sleeve jackets or smart dresses. Shori: In Ginza we have a lot of pride, and that is reflected in how we behave and package ourselves. Ginza is called The World's Ginza because it's a very special place with hundreds of years of history of selling the best quality products and services from all over the world. We have 3,000 clubs within a few blocks!