Shredding mystery

When I first laid eyes on the Conof by n.o.l., I had no idea what it was but immediately developed a unprovoked yearning for it. So when I eventually figured out that it was a paper shredder, there was a moment of disappointment -- secrecy and sensitive documents play no part in my life.

But then I started breaking down the features. A micro-diamond cut guarantees confetti-size bits. Low noise means it goes unnoticed, preventing unwarranted remarks from your spouse about yet another unnecessary purchase. That it can easily handle eight sheets of paper at a time means that you'll be able to fill those bags with confetti in a jiffy.

The clincher? It shreds CDs and DVDs, slicing them up in four, which I'm sure would enhance many a craft project. As I said, I don't really need a shredder, but I'm willing to bet that I could find a reason to purchase one now.