With the weather about to get the better of us as we move into the hottest month of the year, why not try to find some solace in a few items to help us make the most of the great outdoors. For those on the go or hanging out in their backyard (that is, those of us lucky enough to actually have one) this month's picks will have you covered.

Mobile computing has most definitely arrived, with compact portable devices such as the SmartCaddie (featured in last month's column) being a good indicator of where things are heading. For most of us, though, the laptop remains the portable computing tool of choice, which means having to deal with a trackpad. Some people, however, find these incredibly fiddly, which explains the multitude of mobile mouse offerings out there that give frustrated users an alternative. Tokyo-based electronics company Evergreen approaches the problem from a different angle with a finger-mounted USB optical mouse (DN-FMB001). Weighing barely 35 g, the mouse fastens to your finger by way of a Velcro strap and can be easily manipulated in confined spaces, a problem most mouse users probably encounter in public places. The mouse retails for 3,000 yen, and can be purchased online ( www.donya.jp ).