This month, we are turning the spotlight on another eclectic array of goods that have been popping up in some of Tokyo's best design and interior shops recently, and are just begging to be included in any aficionado's arsenal of stylish accouterments. From portable computers to kitchen accessories, here's a lovingly selected collection of objects that deserve your attention, and perhaps your yen.

A promising new entry in the field of compact personal computing comes in the form of the recently launched SmartCaddie. Looking like something that would fit nicely into Apple's product line somewhere between an iPod and a MacBook, this tablet-like PC is one of the first devices to embody Microsoft's Ultra-mobile Lifestyle PC (UMPC) concept. It packs a generous amount of oomph -- 7-inch touch-screen, Windows XP Tablet Edition operating system, 1-GHz processor with 512 MB of memory, 40-GB hard drive, two USB ports and wireless support -- into a teeny tiny, and very attractive, package. The price might turn some people off (around 100,000 yen), as might the disappointing 2 1/2-hour battery life, but for members of the cult of high mobility, neither should be a serious impediment in the quest to get unshackled from the desktop.

Out of the office and into the kitchen to add some playfulness to the countertop comes Hiroshi Kajimoto-designed kitchen shears from Kai (, winner this year of an iF Product Design Award. More than just a handy tool, what sets these shears apart from the rest is their bird-like shape, hence the name -- Bird. There's no denying that the Bird is a fun product that should add some spice to your cooking sanctum, but don't worry, it's practical as well -- the form factor actually adds functionality as the Bird's "feet" double as a stand.