In the world of product design, we've finally come to a point where features have seemingly attained a certain level of parity. Gone are the days when detailed specs ruled, and bigger (brighter, louder, faster) was better. The focus has now shifted toward the promotion of an object's outward design -- functionality and stylishness are now trumping innards.

With this in mind, On Design is set to showcase the latest and most exciting products as they come out, and to shine a light on the wave of "good design" currently seen in Japan. Expect a continuous parade of objects that are sure to awaken feelings of lust and desire -- don't say we didn't warn you!

It's hard to find any faults in the products that have resulted from the fervent mind of designer Naoto Fukasawa under the Plusminuszero brand. The universal, and deserved, praise the line has garnered comes as no surprise, and the recently launched Cordless Telephone does not disappoint. Sleek and simple, it does what you'd expect, while retaining the clean lines that have become a Fukasawa trademark. Both models (in blue and gray) come in at just under 20,000, yen making it surprisingly affordable (compared to the rest of the brand's offerings). To see the whole Plusminuszero line, visit their shop/cafe in Aoyama, 3-12-12 Kita-Aoyama, (03) 5778-5380.