Although more than half the fun at sake pubs is being an active participant in choosing what you drink, there are times when you don't want to make that effort. There are times when what you want is simply to chat, or even -- heaven forbid -- to talk business. On days like this, Gin no Kura can take care of you.

Centrally located in Ginza, Gin no Kura provides a quiet, pleasant atmosphere and a dedicated, almost doting staff that eliminate the need for you to think. It is a wonderful opportunity to relax. Just say, "Shower us with victuals and libation."

Or more effectively, order the course for 7,000 yen. The food served here is best described as complex upscale Japanese. Lots of small, ornamental mouthfuls that are far less simple than they appear, boasting an array of flavors. And needless to say, it all goes well with sake.