Last week I introduced Tre Tre -- a funky little hole-in-the-wall near the entrance to Golden Gai. Gaku, the master, has not only helped many new-generation barkeeps leverage their way into the area, he also knows all the coolest spots to drink. So, this week and next, we will stay in Golden Gai and sample two of Gaku's recommendations.

News photoShiho and Noriko brought Krishna to Golden Gai.

First up is Krishna, which -- funnily enough -- is the antithesis of Gaku's bar in three significant ways. First, Krishna is on the street that defines the end of Golden Gai. Second, it is huge -- not only when compared to the majority of Golden Gai's bars, but compared to any bar in Tokyo. And finally, it is run by two girls -- Shiho and Noriko.