www.signonsandiego.com/sports /20010626-9999_1s26surfing.htmlWhen they wrapped up “The Endless Summer” in the mid-1960s, one of the three main components of what would become the all-time definitive cult film went his own way. The trio would not sit down together again until June 15, 2001. Here’s a brief report of that uneasy truce, a report that seems to have appeared out of thin air. It did not run until June 26 — almost two weeks after the meeting — in The San Diego Union-Tribune. There is no indication as to whether it’s a staff piece, a freelance contribution or a wire report. What’s more, it has a Denver dateline, though the event took place in a San Diego suburb.

www.swell.comLast summer, independent surf sites and surfcams were the way of the Web. This year consolidation holds sway, and Swell.com is the fittest survivor. Surf reports, forecasts and alerts from around the corner or around the world.

www.japansurf.comJapansurf.com sits atop the local constellation of sites. Lots of info and lots of links, and a little English.

www.adrenalin-hit.comMore a youth culture lifestyle magazine than a surfing ‘zine. And it’s not just an Internet retread of what’s on the racks. It leans way heavy on your multimedia/interactive browser plugins. Try to get into Area 54. First, you’ll need the access code, and that’s only given to winners of the MIB game — if you don’t suck.

www.b-house.com/tips/tips.htmAnd onto skateboarding . . . birdhouseTrickTips is a video coach for the aspiring 14-year-old.