www.cesnur.org/recens/potter_00.htm One of the best Harry Potter sites comes from an organization that fights censorship of modern-day culture. There’s chapter-by-chapter notes for “The Goblet of Fire,” the latest in the series. But most of the site is dedicated to news articles (culled from all over the world, even The Japan Times) concerning Harry Potter hysteria. Many of these chronicle attempts by religious freaks to ban the books from public libraries and schools. Apparently a lot of Christians are still afraid of witches. A quote from one: “If Jesus was at (Glaucester Cathedral, a filming site for the movie), he would not allow (the filming). People think the Harry Potter books are fun but I cannot imagine him saying it is fun.”

www.harrypotternet.co.uk/ A good reference to click to if you’ve forgotten a character who suddenly reappears after a couple hundred pages, if you can’t remember the meaning of one of the series’ many newly coined words or if you want to know more about the publicity-shy author, J.K. Rowling. The rest is your basic fan site rubbish.

www.castlewales.com/home.html Having trouble conjuring a mental image of the castle at Harry’s school? Give your brain a rest and take in some of the real things from what many people call the Land of Castles, Wales. Some truly enchanting examples of medieval architecture.

www.newage.com.au/occult.pagan/witchcraft.html Forget the hysteria of the ignorant and check out this concise, down-to-earth explanation of who witches really are and what they do.

www.religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htm This is a detailed explanation (with multiple definitions for words like “witch”) of the Wicca faith, a fast-growing “neopagan” religion . . . of witches. There’s some fascinating stuff here that shows how our dark connotations of words having to do with witchcraft turn out to be completely misguided.

www.AMysticalGrove.com Further explanations of modern-day witchcraft, spells, symbols, practices and other stuff that’ll scare the hell out of paranoid Christians.

www.WhisperedPrayers.com An online store where you can buy the Goddess of Fire and Manifestation pendant. It’s made mostly of amber, which is described as “a gem of power (that) is great for enhancing beauty, attracting love and happiness, good luck and increasing spell power . . . and is also extremely protective.” All that for $31.95. All the typical witch stuff is here: Cauldrons, divination tools, herbs, oils, incense, potions, powders and other stuff that’ll scare the hell out of paranoid Christians.

www.folkart.com/~latitude/voodooshop/faq.htm Wanna cast your own spells and make voodoo dolls? Start here.