The pleasure and pain of creativity are both powerfully on display in “Look Back,” a new anime film based on an autobiographical manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, best known for “Chainsaw Man.”

The film is directed and adapted by Kiyotaka Oshiyama, who also did the character designs and reportedly drew over half the key animation frames himself. It’s dedication that paid off handsomely in this short yet fascinating project.

“Look Back” kicks off with grade schooler Ayumu Fujino (voiced by Yuumi Kawai) winning praise for her gag manga, which is published in her school’s weekly student newspaper. Fujino feigns modesty, but she’s clearly proud of herself. That all changes when she lays eyes on the manga written by Kyomoto (Mizuki Yoshida), a student whose social anxiety prevents her from attending school in person. Fujino, bowled over by (and more than a little jealous of) Kyomoto’s skill, decides to redouble her efforts and fully embrace the art life — to the occasional chagrin of her friends and family.