As sure as spring follows winter, this time of year always seems to bring a fresh crop of romantic dramas to Japanese screens, each of them ripe with sentiment and practically choking on cherry blossoms. Later this month, viewers can sob themselves silly over Netflix’s “Love Like the Falling Petals,” but in the meantime there’s the tastefully lachrymose “The Last 10 Years.”

Michihito Fujii’s film is adapted from a novel by the late Ruka Kosaka, which drew on the author’s experiences of living with a terminal illness. It’s an odd choice for a director accustomed to more cerebral fare, and Fujii — reuniting with some of the production team from his earlier films “A Family” and “The Journalist” — sometimes seems to be working at cross-purposes with the material.

Nana Komatsu stars as Matsuri, a young woman with a rare lung disorder that has left her with only another decade of life. Rather than checking items off her bucket list, she takes a vow of romantic abstinence, only to have her resolve tested when she’s reunited with an old classmate, Kazuto (Kentaro Sakaguchi).