It’s with exquisite timing that this book drops into our lives, like Zen monk and haiku poet Matsuo Basho’s frog into its ancient pond. Who among us hasn’t had our moments of anxiety these past months — about our health, our loved ones, our jobs, our future? “Zen Wisdom for an Anxious World” would be an apt title, but I suppose Zen humility precludes such presumption.

The author, Shinsuke Hosokawa, is the head priest of Ryuunji temple in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward. Apart from writing books about Zen, he also coaches actors playing Zen monks in TV dramas, notably NHK’s 2017 historical saga, “Naotora: The Lady Warlord” (“Onna Joshu Naotora”).

Zen Wisdom for the Anxious, by Shinsuke Hosokawa224 pagesTUTTLE PUBLISHING