Tokyo has long been an inspiration for photographers. The sprawling metropolis serves as a concrete playground for artists to invent, deconstruct or reimagine the city to their liking. Former videogame designer Liam Wong's "TO:KY:OO" invites readers to experience the city as a cyberpunk dreamscape, where the sun never rises and the neon is always vibrant.

TO:KY:OO, by Liam Wong.264 pagesTHAMES & HUDSON, Photography.

"I was working for five years and got to take six months off after finishing a big project. At the end of those six months I felt like I wanted to do my own thing, and it was now or never," says Wong. "I had already wanted to create a book, so I traveled to London to pitch my book to publishers, who said it would take a year to produce a few hundred copies. I didn't want to do a few hundred because it's just one run and it's done, then people eBay them and stuff."