Carl Stone has dedicated his life to his craft. An electronic musician who has been using computers to make live music pretty much since it was a possibility, the list of people Stone has played with or composed for in Japan and the United States reads like a who's who of avant-garde, experimental and contemporary classical music. He's also a long-term resident of Japan, having moved here about 20 years ago after making his mark on the Japanese musical scene.

For a long time, Stone, 66, was what you might call a "musician's musician." His tape and computer music pieces, as well as his compositions for other artists, were strictly for those in the know. He has inspired many musicians with his sample-focused style, but wasn't initially known within broader musical circles.

Recently, however, that has changed thanks in part to people rediscovering and sharing Stone's music online. He has also seen multiple releases of new and archival music in recent years.